This month for our food feature we went on the recommendation of Nick Rancone from Revival and stopped into a small hole in the wall called Gorditas El Gordo, located right in between 2nd and 3rd Ave S on East Lake Street. The location is kind of hard to get to, being smashed between two fast food giants, but don't let that deter you from stopping in for a bite. The staff is friendly and everything is prepared fresh on the spot. The huaraches are a corn tortilla filled with refried beans, then pounded flat, griddle fried and topped with your choice of meat and fixings. They are fantastic.  All of the salsas had obviously been made fresh that day and the guacamole had absolutely zero filler in it, 100 percent avocado with hints of lime, chile and cilantro. The food doesn't come out the fastest but it is well worth the wait, and also just more proof of how truly fresh everything is. The el pastor was so well seasoned and citrusy it was hard to stop eating. This place is unpretentious, the food is fresh, and you can eat like a king for less than 10 dollars. The bill came out to around 28 dollars for three people. This spot is easy to miss but trust me, you do not want to pass it by!