TC Presents: What brands are you guys repping?

Slander 4.jpg
Slander: Zanerobe, Stampd, De Bellemort, 3wy, and always gotta have them Nikes ;)

TC Presents: What stores/online shops do you like to shop at?

Slander: Zanerobe, Stampd

TC Presents: What article of clothing and what pair of shoes gets the most wear and why?

Slander: Black shirts, Zanerobe pants, and Nike's seem to be industry standard these days, haha. 

TC Presents: Headwear yay or nay and why, what kind/brands do you like?  

Slander: Sport caps are coming back which is awesome. We also really like to rock our Slander hats- which you can grab in our store. 

TC Presents: If you could have dinner with any 4 people dead or alive who would they be and why?  

slander pic 1.jpg
Slander: The Beatles- would be awesome to talk to since there were such revolutionaries in their music era.