Getter returns to the Twin Cities this Saturday January 16th to perform at
The Loft in downtown Minneapolis presented by TC Presents. 
Tickets available HERE!

TC Presents: First and foremost, SUH DUDE?
Getter: aha ash dude

TC Presents: What's your favorite breakfast cereal?

Getter: My fav cereal is definitely either french toast crunch or cocoa pebbles

TC Presents: What's in your fridge at home?

Getter: ummm right now i got a bunch of veggies and salad stuff, a brita filter, hella ice cream, orange chicken, weed butter, normal butter, hella sauces, uhhh and chicken

TC Presents: What DAW do you use?

Getter: Ableton live all dayyyy!

TC Presents: Who's your favorite upcoming artist?

Getter: Half empty, adair, spock, tisoki, ray volpe, luude, and spag heddy forsure

TC Presents: What are you most excited for in the future for the electronic dance music scene as a whole and as a culture?

Getter: I'm just excited to see what happens next. its so unpredictable and at this point it can go anywhere. every time something changes or a new trend is set, its a stepping stone toward something even more crazy! 

TC Presents: What got you into making music/when did you decide you wanted to fully pursue  a music career full time?

Getter: I’ve always been interested in music, whether its making it, listening it, studying it, anything really. my friends growing up were very influential toward me and my music. and as soon as i got fired from my job at a smoke shop, i just took on full time music and it was the best decision ever

TC Presents: Who’s your biggest influence(s) musical or otherwise?

Getter: Flume will always be my number one influence in music. I’m just such  huge fan of his music and what he’s doing with it.

Also, spending more time with skrillex really makes him a top inspiration for me as well. he’s just so positive and open to do anything with music. 

TC Presents: What is your favorite food to eat when hungover?

Getter: Club sandwich and or/caesar salad!

TC Presents: If you were not making music what would your profession be?

Getter: Professional destiny for PS4 player, or a chef, or someone who helps animals or an animator